Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter love....

We are so lucky to have grandma Susan. She always plans the most special things and always includes her testimony.
She took you kids on an Easter egg hunt, feed us dinner, and then had a special Family Home Evening prepared on Jesus and his last week.
I'm so grateful for her example in our lives!


We're having another baby! I made our own geocache and took you kids to feed the ducks. Your reactions were hilarious when they finally figured out what it meant. You were SCREAMING and so excited.
I'm so excited to have another baby and add to our crazy... here's our day at the park when we found out the big news.

Support our kids...

It lives get pretty crazy keeping track of not only or schedule but the kids in their other homes.  But I love to support the kids in all they're different activities. This month
Piano, soccer, clogging & choir.

We love visits

The Renfroes came to stay for the weekend we had so much fun. BIran spoiled then with nagging yummy food, & Becca spoiled me by making me my own apple pie (which I kind of shared)
And then we took all of you kids to Nickel Cade and you had so much fun running around and being crazy.
I love when we have visitors. Its my favorite!