Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recoonion 2015

We went striaght from one Reunion to another. Brian went back to work for a couple days and I had the kids to myself for a couple night. We stopped and got shakes on our way to Idaho.

We stopped and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

My favorite part was we had NO cell reception. After flooding for a month the phone rang off the hook with updates and reporters. So it was nice to have 3 days with no communications from the outside world!

Our Cute Family. Lots of fun, volleyball, and good food.

My favorite part of my family get together is my mom and dad take many opportunities to bare their testimonies. I was happy to say each of my children stayed by the camp fire as testimonies were born & the spirit was felt.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lundell Reunion 2015 Bear Lake

{Bear Lake} The View from our Cabin.
Susan takes us to the nicest places. She spends SO much time planning and spoil us. 
I'm so glad we started to have a Lundell Reunion! It is AWESOME!

It was a Blast hanging out at the water all day and having no plans this year!
Thanks Papa and G-ma for the fun times!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Rapping 2014 School Year/Summer of the Flood

 Ending the school year was CRAZY staring baseball, finishing up the clogging season. Performances at school, graduation programs. Lots of running around in May.
The summer started like any other summer. A list of "Let's go do" and plans for vacations and dun.
Then we started to get water in our basement. We didn't realize it would last 80 days 

These picture were the start....I don't want to remember the worst! Water took over the summer. We will forever call this the summer of the flood. But I'm glad we didn't have to get on a boat with a bunch of animals and only our family.

 I'm grateful for the strength I've gained because of this water. I have learned I want to be like water. Always find away!  Pushing through and making it no matter what! I hope we all learned something about water this summer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I date my MAN!

 This past 2 years Brian and I have committed to making Wednesday Night our night. Things have come up and we make it work. It's our time to smile, cuddle, talk, cry, enjoy, laugh, or hangout...Oh wait did I mention EAT, cuz' we ALWAYS eat.

I think this has hands down been my favorite date. 
My cheeks hurt for a week {those ones also}
 {I can take a selfie and ride a bike}

We both decided a couple years  DATING and REALLY communicating was at the top of our "what we want for our marriage" list. And we have done it ever since, and I can't TESTIFY it has saved our marriage. With a yours, mine, and ours and EX's on our plate we need that one on one to connect and enjoy! {AND TUNE OUT THE WORLD}
{my man is a HOTTY}

We ended our date riding to Kneaders finishing the last mile in the pouring ran.

I am lucky to have 2 sisters who also date their spouses every week and have set a strong example for me. I know our marriage is stronger and more fulfilling because we make sure to set apart the time to BE with each other! 
#preach #datetheoneyoulove #thisismymanandilovehim

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring has Sprung...

I feel SO lucky too have these 7 beautiful children in our lives!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

California Part 2 {The Beach}

I think this will need to be a bi-annual trip for our family. We found the perfect priced Condo {right on the beach} We had to cram a little, but would trade it for anything!

We spent all day everyday at the beach. Laying around and soaking up the beautiful sun.

The kids ALL loved this Pelican.

We do wish we would have spent more time at the tide pools. This was our favorite afternoon exploring and finding little creatures.

 Found a baby Star Fish.

 We watched the sun set every night and decided on no electronics till bedtime. It was heavenly!!!
I'm only sad we didn't get a family picture on the beach! But tons of fun boogie boarding and playing in the waves. It really was a perfect vacation! No drama and peaceful!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

California :Part 1 {The Parks}

We made it! 12 hours later!  We stayed in a "little" condo close to San Diego the first 2 night so we could Hit Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

I think I could say Sea world was the kids favorite place we went. We stayed all day! They got to touch the dolphins and hold star fish and enjoy the ocean life all around us.

We found out the day before The Terrills were going to the Zoo the same day as us...CRAZY our trips overlapped and we got to spend a day together. My favorite was ALL the bay animals. I think every animal we saw had a new baby. Even the turtles!  It was AWESOME!

Wild Animal kingdom was AWESOME. We met up with The Wards and SoCal Lundells. So many awesome animals and they had SO much space. It was so much fun!

 This concludes the parks...on to the BEACH!