Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Whirlwind.....

 Our First Broken arm. She was at her Grandma Coombes and decided to play "trust fall" with her cousin that are younger and a lot smaller than her....OUCH!!!! 
Funny & painful story and so grateful daddy could take care of her!

Lundell Family Fun!  We got the moms a wax mustache for stocking stuffers this year! I love this picture!

Grandma Joy & David night of presents and crazy!

I love me some Lundell Love!

4th Annual girls night at my house. Painting nails, making crafts, and laughing with cousins. 

 Grandma Susan's first time EVER getting her toes and nails done {by the kids} 
She even wore them the WHOLE week! What a trooper.

Annual Tubing with Papa!  ALWAYS A BLAST!  This year all the kids went by themselves again and again and again....

Trampoline Jump House in Layton. Fun fun FuN!

Grandma Joy got all 5 girls their first dolls at our home.

David Photo Bombing cuties!

I love this time of year & the Lundell Traditions. I am so grateful to be apart of their wonderful family.  Even if I'm a planner I have been learning {I HAVE AMY} to kick back and go with the flow of 
their fun-loving, opinionated, hilarious, awesome family! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowshoeing to a Yurt....

Happy 32nd Birthday to me!  Last year we missed out on snowshoeing into a yurt because clogging fell on the same weekend. SO I WAS A LITTLE GIDDY that they all wanted to do it again and over my birthday!

The Gang
{Trevor Sadler, Spencer&Annie, Paula&(fetus)&Trevor, and Us}

Note to Self: Always wear a regular back pack because your AWESOME, STRONG, & HOTT husband will end up caring it since you neck will be killing you.... {Man- I am lucky}

They packed in the stuff to make me a treat~ I really have awesome friends.

~LOVE of MY LIFE!!!!

Coming out from the Yurt the next afternoon in snowy heaven.

Spence & Annie

Trevor: {A.K.A Guide -Speed hiker in the snow- 7th Wheel - Awesome Breakfast maker}

Trevor & Paula

It was such a good time. Even though the sleeping arrangement is NEVER something I want to do again. I would go again in a heart beat. It was a beautiful wintry weekend. Lots of laughs and fun with friends and a perfect way to spend my birthday!.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


 This month was such a beautiful month.  Me and my kids went up to Idaho and I got to witness Emmit being sealed to my sister and her husband. It was a beautiful day. Feeling the spirit as I sat with my family in the Sealing Room made my heart so happy. I missed Sharla and Justins sealing, so it was WONDERFUL to share this day with them and be worthy to be in the Temple. I am grateful for temples and for the opportunity I will have to go with Brian in the next couple years.

The next day in Idaho after going to Maverik's baby blessing. I stayed at my moms with my kids and my brother Everett&Kailey and their cuties to hang out, while my mom and sister went to Relief Society. We were sitting and laughing in the living room when someone started pounding on the door and yelling at us all to get out and that there was a fire.  We got the kids out and they watched as the side of the house went up in flames. 
My heart still aches as I remember my mom running across from church to see her house on fire. Of course her first words were "Is everyone ok and safe?" After the fire was put out my dad had us all gather in Eli's house and he offered the most beautiful prayer uttered. One of thanks, gratitude, and love of our Savior and His Atonement.  He spoke of how worldly possessions were nothing to him and he had those things that were more precious than anything the world could buy...his family. I can't help but cry and feel that sweet spirit testify to me again of that truth. I am so grateful for the testimony my parents have helped me gain and for their continued faith and patience in all they face.

 After reading my sister Becca's Soap Box on after school snacks I decided to start it also. It has been a fun time for us to sit down and take 15 minutes to talk and laugh and then get going on Piano practice, homework, and reading. Now when I pick them up from school they guess the whole way home what the snack will be. :O)  I am excited to finally start it with Syd and Haylee since they'll be home Fridays after school instead of soccer and piano. I am so thankful to be reminded to SLOW down and BE with my kids.
Bethy made "The Temple without Moroni."

I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR GODS BEAUTIFUL EARTH & CREATIONS!!!  Brian & I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our little Beth. We got to be with both his parents one for lunch and one for dinner. It was perfect!  With the other kids off having fun at their other parents we decided to take a drive up Scare Canyon where his dad owns some land and get fire wood.
 I told Beth on the way up to pray mommy could see some Moose because I LOVE MOOSE!  I think they are the most gorgeous, cute, and (from Brother Bear) funniest animal alive. :O)
 I felt so lucky to witness such a beautiful animal. Brian ran 100 yards out into a field to get this shot which he was only 100 yards from the Moose...NOT SO SMART! But totally worth it since he didn't get trampled.

I love November. I love reading Facebook and seeing how many people really try to focus on gratitude.  I am thankful for my Savior. I am thankful for the wonderful area I live in, for the opportunity to be a mom and wife. I can't express in words how grateful I am for my husband and the man he is and has become. I have such wonderful uplifting friends. Those who constantly help me stand and remember who I am. I am excited for December to focus on having a Christ-centered home and feeling His spirit more in our home! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

FHE @ HORSE MAN CARNIVAL (or you could say Horace Mann, I guess)

Love catching a school carnival with my kiddos. 
Wish Syd and Hay could have made it, but they had plans with their mom.

Me and my cuties...I LOVE COTTON CANDY!

Joey shooting down the slide

Bethy FREAKING OUT downthe slide...but then she went again and again and again... "Mom, it's SO fast!"

Beth was SO excited to get "face paintings" cuz "she has always wanted face paintings."

Daddy spinning Beths helicopter spinner
Fun Family Night spent with fun friends!
I love where I live!

Brian's Tri...

Triathlon @  Pine View Dam. It was such a rainy morning driving up to the dam we dressed in winter clothes to keep warm.  And as we got there the clouds parted and the HOT sun came out. It was funny to see everyone rolling up their pants and shirts.
Bethy found the water. Man I love this girl...I need one more!!!! :O)

Beautiful way to start a Saturday!

Our little nook above everyone and caught the whole swim.

Well....I caught the swim. Beth enjoyed "How to train a Dragon."

Their Daddy running right by us. Beth had to give him a High-5 Every time her passed us.

Bri finished just as the rain decided to come back out. And grabbed Beth to run through the finish line. It was a sweet moment. 

One more glimpse of the Pine View Tri.
It was a beautiful day and a perfect way to spend our Saturday together.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soda Springs Extravaganza

 I love having my sisters all to myself!  Ove Labor Day weekend Becca invited us to spend it with her family and it was AWESOME.  Yummy Food, good company, and recording music.
 My sisters Garden could be in a magazine. I started to take pictures and got distracted by the kids playing imagination and making me laugh.

I don't like tomatos...but don't these look divine. 

Soda Springs Geyser... the kids were so excited to get on the swim suits and run through the smelly water! :O)

 best buds
The texture on the rocks is SO COOL!

 My kids favorite part of going to Soda Springs is going to the park and making soda.  They always taste it plain and hate it and then drink a gallon of the pop we make.
 Grandma Patsy&Grandpa joined us Sunday for Trumans Priesthood ordination for turning 12.

 cute girls

My favorite part of Soda Springs, is this park. I played on these same teeter-tators when I was there age.  They use to have to COOLEST swing also, but it is no longer there.
It was a nice little vacation. I love getting away with just our crazy family. 
We have less drama & more REAL time together. It's my favorite!