Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 (where did it go?)

 There are times in my life I KNOW I'm and AWESOME mom! And shoveling EXTRA to make a sledding hill...COUNTS! Few and far between are these awesome mothering moments, but in the month of January shoveling time has turned into play time with my kids and I have felt SO blessed to stop and see how much fun my kids have when I put the broom down and play along side them!

The joy I have when I look at these pictures is overwhelming. I'm so incredibly blessed!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Closing 2012 with Lundell Family Fun!

 The funnest/CrAZiEsT week of the year is the week after Christmas and before New Years when all the Lundells come to town. It is so much fun!!!
Run down of EVENTS:

Dinner & Temple Square with Grandma Joy & David
 The kids waiting for Track (a first time riding it for me)
 The LDS Salt Lake City Temple...The lights make it an extra special site!
 Ready for Hot Cocoa!

The Next Morning BRIGHT AND EARLY we headed to Park City to our ANNUAL sledding with Papa Bear and "G-Ma" Luckily, Carrie caught a picture of each kid!

Opening Presents with Grandma Joy&David

Every year, I have all the girls over to paint nails, and sleep over...this year we missed out on the sleep over, and we had to do nails one of the days....but I made sure we did not miss our PANCAKE morning!  I love the challenges they give me and the ooo's and awe's they give me. 
(benson added our fun cuz' he was there, but he made his own!)
Can you guess what they wanted????

We did so many more things! I love sitting and listening to all the Lundell stories young and new and becoming part of the stories! This family is full and a happy one.
I am so grateful to be part of their lives and to learn from them.

We all met at Papas to bring in the New Year....eating, playing games, shaking our booties, laughing, and eating some more, offending Todd and/or his mustache, and staying up late !
Great way to end 2012!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Surprise & Christmas

 I am SO LUCKY! Brian always makes my Birthday so special and he's AWESOME at finding great deals. He took me to a Bed N' Breakfast that was Beautiful, we went to a play, ate good food, and then woke up to an AMAZING breakfast and went to the Logan Temple...a Perfect little get away!

We decided to go to Idaho for Christmas with Bethy, and it was FUN! Sad with missing the other 5 kids, but fun to be with my family!
 Bethy was SO happy with her babies!
 Bethy made it outside with NO PANTS! She REALLY wanted to go for a ride on the 4 Wheeler.

 Chris & Hanna with Chandler, Gabe, Finley, and baby Blaire.
 Eli&Sav with baby Remi
 Beau&Bonnie with Savanah, Caleb, Kennedy, Luke, and Baby Scarlet
 My Daddy and Mommy!

Uncle Beau drove around for hours with all the kids. It made me sad the others weren't with us, but I'm glad I get to see Bethy Boos big smile and her getting loves from all her cousins!
(Kenny, Beth, Chandler, Lukey-Loo, and Sav...someones legs!)
It was a beautiful Christmas. On Christmas Eve we did a nativity with all the kids, sang songs, and went around sharing our favorite Christmas memories. All of which my sisters and I said something about giving someone else Christmas. I feel so blessed to have parents who taught me to give and shared their testimonies every day by the way they live and the people they are.

My favorite thing shared was something I learned about Brians family. He told everyone how his family always knelt down and prayed before they opened presents, and thanked the Lord. All of us resolved to add that to our yearly traditions! 

I love my family! I love the joy I feel when I am with them. I am so lucky to have so many amazing siblings in my life. :O)