Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Joy in June

 I have been pondering ALOT on Joy. What is Joy? How does it feel? What does it look like to me? How do I teach my kids about this thing I seem to lack in my life? How do I focus on JOY in my life and not what someone else thinks and feels about me.  These past couple months of Therapy and the new book I found has helped me open my eyes to seeing Joy!

These moments I am choosing to share say something about the joy in my life. It is moments.... sweet moments when I don't allow anyone to cloud my judgement and I am free to feel the light, peace and happiness.  I know I am not the only one who finds themselves lost in all the CRAP that goes on but I feel it's not something we talk about...we tend to suffer in silence and have ourselves a pity party. I'm don'e with the pity, and wo is me...

I HAVE SO MUCH JOY in my life and I deserve these moments, I deserve happiness and success. I am so grateful for a Savior who continues to remind me of THIS truth amidst the storms I find myself in.
 Homeless looking kids....remind me a my childhood @ Renfroe Cousins Camp
 1,3,5 SISTERS, We can just say the ones with muscles!
Oh Nothing just a Death Defying tubing trip. :O)
 SISTERS (KK's baby ended up weighing 10.5 WOWZA)

 Lily @ T-Ball
 This picture needs to be blown up. She is a Spicy girl this one!
 I am so glad I saw this moment and caught it. I love seeing Bri and Jo smile together, moments of connecting bring me Joy!

4-Wheeling with the Leatherows
 I  <3 NATURE! I love learning and playing with my camera. I find SO much joy capturing moments and this was a gorgeous morning that will never be forgotten!

 Me and MY Man! He's so HOT!
 Shar & Tommy! So much joy. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

Lundell CABIN Trip
 love this little guy crawling around on the ground, eyeing me! :O)
 My Baby is Joy!
 Being part of this family is JOY. I love laughing and hearing stories and being part of such a wonderful, full, crazy loving family!

Lucky! Blessed! Joyful!


  1. Beautiful thoughts Ali. I agree, it is easy to overlook the joy. Great reminder for me today :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! :O) Love ya Girly!