Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I date my MAN!

 This past 2 years Brian and I have committed to making Wednesday Night our night. Things have come up and we make it work. It's our time to smile, cuddle, talk, cry, enjoy, laugh, or hangout...Oh wait did I mention EAT, cuz' we ALWAYS eat.

I think this has hands down been my favorite date. 
My cheeks hurt for a week {those ones also}
 {I can take a selfie and ride a bike}

We both decided a couple years  DATING and REALLY communicating was at the top of our "what we want for our marriage" list. And we have done it ever since, and I can't TESTIFY it has saved our marriage. With a yours, mine, and ours and EX's on our plate we need that one on one to connect and enjoy! {AND TUNE OUT THE WORLD}
{my man is a HOTTY}

We ended our date riding to Kneaders finishing the last mile in the pouring ran.

I am lucky to have 2 sisters who also date their spouses every week and have set a strong example for me. I know our marriage is stronger and more fulfilling because we make sure to set apart the time to BE with each other! 
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