Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer keeps going (July Part 1)

 July kicked off with a FUN TRIP!!!  Brian had a seminar so we decided to take the whole week and enjoy a LONG LONG LONG...(did I mention Long?) drive together. We decided to go 4 hours out of our way also to see the Grand Canyon. It was BEAUTIFUL, words cant express the WOWNESS you get from seeing one of the Worlds Wonders.

I loved these weird trees all over at the Grand Canyon. The Highlights of this trip were the Miranda Lambert/Darius Rucker Concert, a professional baseball game, sitting by pool every day, reading, EATING LOTS and  G&Amy flew out to spend the week with us!

 When Brian and I got back from the Arizona (me and mine) went to Idaho for a weekend together. We went to our Childhood Lake, Rigby Lake. It was so much fun to swim and laugh and play with my sisters, cousins, and make some memories.
(Dylan, Chandler,Beth, Joey, & Lily)

Cuties (Tebbin and Dylan )



 Our Baby Beth turned 2! She LOVED this picture and was excited that she "put her hand right there" She is such a perfect addition and completion to our family.  I am so glad she is part of my life. I have been able to slow down as a mom and really savor this last season of baby life.

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