Friday, November 16, 2012


Brian & I had so much fun taking Beth to the zoo. She is so smart. Every time she speaks I am in awe at how amazing she is! I am so lucky to have her and to have a Father for her like Brian!
Hiking with the kids! Aren't they so funny!?

Sydnee got Baptized!  It was a special day, and beautiful to see her dad Baptize her. I am so glad she waited for him and held out through all the up's and down's of figuring it all out!
It was a Beautiful and Special Day!

Me and my kids slept out in the TREE HOUSE!!! to make it official! It was fun!!!

My kids and I went and stayed with Becca the week before school started. 
Ate yummy food
Went to Bear Lake
Played at the Park and just enjoyed one on one with Cousins.

This picture could sum up our Summer! 
Our summer time went WAY too fast, but we got ALOT of time with all the kids together.
~Mondays Free Lunch
~sleep overs. 
~We built our Tree House
~Late Movie Nights

Summer 2012 ROCKED!

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