Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beauty & Blessings

 I feel so lucky to live by SO many beautiful places!
 I hadn't taken the kids to the Botanical Gardens all summer and I knew the flowers were in full bloom so we went for a perfect little walk.

 Can't help but snap a shot of 2 of my cuties! Wish it would have been 5 cute girls in this picture.

 My Baby walking with her backpack! :O)

Isn't she SO stinkin' CUTE!!!!

 Joey and I made bracelets from willow bark and added flowers, and then we raced them in the river. I love watching the kids get SO excited as they cheered their "floaters" on. :O)

 (Look at that clean face...who is this guy?)
Poor daddy's allergies almost killed him with all those flowers.

I love being with my kids.  When I look at this picture I am reminded of how blessed I am for Brian working so hard not only to provide for me but for his girls at their moms.  He really is a wonderful example to me of diligence and hard work. Regardless of the constant stress it must bring upon him, he doesn't complain he just tries to follow The Proclamation to the Family.  And he is quick to remind me of that when I find myself complaining.
I know the Lord blesses us and our home for his righteous acts as a Father.

It's nice to stop and see my blessing rather than focusing my energy on the unimportant. :O)

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