Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soda Springs Extravaganza

 I love having my sisters all to myself!  Ove Labor Day weekend Becca invited us to spend it with her family and it was AWESOME.  Yummy Food, good company, and recording music.
 My sisters Garden could be in a magazine. I started to take pictures and got distracted by the kids playing imagination and making me laugh.

I don't like tomatos...but don't these look divine. 

Soda Springs Geyser... the kids were so excited to get on the swim suits and run through the smelly water! :O)

 best buds
The texture on the rocks is SO COOL!

 My kids favorite part of going to Soda Springs is going to the park and making soda.  They always taste it plain and hate it and then drink a gallon of the pop we make.
 Grandma Patsy&Grandpa joined us Sunday for Trumans Priesthood ordination for turning 12.

 cute girls

My favorite part of Soda Springs, is this park. I played on these same teeter-tators when I was there age.  They use to have to COOLEST swing also, but it is no longer there.
It was a nice little vacation. I love getting away with just our crazy family. 
We have less drama & more REAL time together. It's my favorite!

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