Friday, September 20, 2013

Brian's Tri...

Triathlon @  Pine View Dam. It was such a rainy morning driving up to the dam we dressed in winter clothes to keep warm.  And as we got there the clouds parted and the HOT sun came out. It was funny to see everyone rolling up their pants and shirts.
Bethy found the water. Man I love this girl...I need one more!!!! :O)

Beautiful way to start a Saturday!

Our little nook above everyone and caught the whole swim.

Well....I caught the swim. Beth enjoyed "How to train a Dragon."

Their Daddy running right by us. Beth had to give him a High-5 Every time her passed us.

Bri finished just as the rain decided to come back out. And grabbed Beth to run through the finish line. It was a sweet moment. 

One more glimpse of the Pine View Tri.
It was a beautiful day and a perfect way to spend our Saturday together.

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