Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Whirlwind.....

 Our First Broken arm. She was at her Grandma Coombes and decided to play "trust fall" with her cousin that are younger and a lot smaller than her....OUCH!!!! 
Funny & painful story and so grateful daddy could take care of her!

Lundell Family Fun!  We got the moms a wax mustache for stocking stuffers this year! I love this picture!

Grandma Joy & David night of presents and crazy!

I love me some Lundell Love!

4th Annual girls night at my house. Painting nails, making crafts, and laughing with cousins. 

 Grandma Susan's first time EVER getting her toes and nails done {by the kids} 
She even wore them the WHOLE week! What a trooper.

Annual Tubing with Papa!  ALWAYS A BLAST!  This year all the kids went by themselves again and again and again....

Trampoline Jump House in Layton. Fun fun FuN!

Grandma Joy got all 5 girls their first dolls at our home.

David Photo Bombing cuties!

I love this time of year & the Lundell Traditions. I am so grateful to be apart of their wonderful family.  Even if I'm a planner I have been learning {I HAVE AMY} to kick back and go with the flow of 
their fun-loving, opinionated, hilarious, awesome family! 

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