Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowshoeing to a Yurt....

Happy 32nd Birthday to me!  Last year we missed out on snowshoeing into a yurt because clogging fell on the same weekend. SO I WAS A LITTLE GIDDY that they all wanted to do it again and over my birthday!

The Gang
{Trevor Sadler, Spencer&Annie, Paula&(fetus)&Trevor, and Us}

Note to Self: Always wear a regular back pack because your AWESOME, STRONG, & HOTT husband will end up caring it since you neck will be killing you.... {Man- I am lucky}

They packed in the stuff to make me a treat~ I really have awesome friends.

~LOVE of MY LIFE!!!!

Coming out from the Yurt the next afternoon in snowy heaven.

Spence & Annie

Trevor: {A.K.A Guide -Speed hiker in the snow- 7th Wheel - Awesome Breakfast maker}

Trevor & Paula

It was such a good time. Even though the sleeping arrangement is NEVER something I want to do again. I would go again in a heart beat. It was a beautiful wintry weekend. Lots of laughs and fun with friends and a perfect way to spend my birthday!.

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