Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 2 Spring Break

 We started out with Cartoons.... and the tramp!
 Dad took you all to the church to ride bikes...and I had a morning break while he played with you and then took you to McDonalds! You guys love when I am not around you seem to get WAY more spoiled than you already are.

Papa showed up with a Tether Ball for our Tether Ball Pole and stayed and played with us the rest of the day. He had you all help rake up the left over leaves from last fall. And spent some one on one with each of you playing or throwing the ball!

 Papa and Bethy posing! :O)

 We made a fire burnt sticks for fun (you all love when I let you throw whatever in the fire) and then we roasted Hot Dogs for Dinner.

Then Joey, Syd, and I went to Activity Days/Mutual. My cute Young Women were in charge of Activity days this week. SO IT WAS PERFECT to get both my 8 year olds for a special night with me. :O) We made hair bows, got our nails painted and decorated cookies while we learned about the Young Women Values.  (Don't you LOVE the one they made me?)

Another great day!

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