Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 5 Spring Break

The kids REALLY wanted to go to a movie. THAT is EXPENSIVE! We could go to a hotel for the price of going to a movie, the reason we only go to the cheap seats very seldom. But they worked hard all week and earned money to pay their way to the Movie. I am so lucky they are all hard workers and like to save their money! It was a cute show. Wish Bri could have come.

Our neighbor had her annual Easter Egg Hunt and it's the first year we have had all the kids to go. And of course I took a lot of pictures of my Bethy cuz' she's still at that fun age when it's SO cute how they pick up eggs and their faces are so cute with excitement.

So much fun! Thanks Jess!

Day 5 done and over...starting to get to count down mode! :O)
Excited for the Bunnells to get here!!!!

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  1. I should take my kids to The Croods before it leaves--it's only $6.50 to go to a new release here. Love the picture of Beth with the mom in the background taking a picture on HER camera :)