Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 3 of Srping Break

 Cartoons for an hour and then Cleaning Time.  We like to turn the music up load and go go go till it's done. It helped that the reward was going to a hotel! I wrote all the to do's on sticky notes and then they knew what needed to be done. It didn't even take an hour. 
(maybe because I keep my house fairly clean...Lucky Kids :O)

Joey made every one Chinese number paper things?  Ha ha ha! I don't know what they are called but they all wrote funny things on the inside like
"You will be eaten by a squirrel this week"
"Your hair will turn green in 2 days."
Beth cracked me up counted and opning and closing her fingers to make it work and then gibber babbing some phrase when she opened up the last number.

Lily FINALLY lost her very first tooth. She will be 7 years old in 2 months and it finally happened (Thanks to the help from Syd and I). I flicked it REALLY good and then all Syd had to do was pin her down and pop it out. :O)

Hotel fun! Ridge, Austin, & Ty came swimming and had pizza with us. It was fun to have 5 kids that could swim and help out with Beth. I love these boys! My little Ty (the red head) is getting so talkative and just so big. I forget he's older than Beth because she's so big! I am so grateful we have some cousins and family close to play and have fun with! And it helps that I LOVE G & AMY! The most AWESOME in laws you could ask for. :O)

I am feeling sleep deprived and tired...but hanging in there...does anyone have a Zanex or Valium? :O) hee hee
I feel very grateful for all the photography/massage I have been able to do lately to make it so we could do ALOT of fun things this week. I am glad we decided to stay home and spend the money we would have spent on gas to Idaho on doing fun stuff with our kids!

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