Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 4 Spring Break

 Day 4 started with playing in the pool at the hotel till 11. :O)  
We came home and Brian took all the kids to the park and played while I did some massages, in a quiet house.

Then I was in need of some "MEDZ" so we drove out to North Ogden and went to Penny Candy (the MOST divine yummy scrumptious chocolate) The kids each brought a dollar and said it was worth every penny! :O)

 We watched a movie while Beth napped and then be and the oldest went for an hour hike up the mountain and watched the sunset. It was beautiful! I love getting them all outside and being with them. I hope they learn to love the outdoors and being together. Some of my most cherished family times were hiking, fishing, camping and being outside. Kids don't get enough of that these days.

Me and my Gang! Super fun and special time with my kiddos!
~Still Alive...3 more days to go!~

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  1. Our Spring Break was also active and packed with fun things, but day 6 was when I let Allen take the kids to Lava by himself and I went to bed early. It was fun, but exhausting.