Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1 Spring Break

 I was FREAKING out a couple weeks ago about Spring Break! "6 kids ALL WEEK LONG!!!! What will I do? the Anxiety, the fighting, 6 KIDS ALL WEEK? Ahhh!!!" 
I felt consumed with all the negative of what could happen, and due to a trip we have been planning and saving for Brian only got to take off a couple mornings this week.
So I had been praying and searching for ways to keep busy and have fun! 
I am so thankful for the priesthood and blessings to help refocus and energize me on my AWESOME calling and responsibility I have to be a mother or wicked step mother, to these kids... :O)
It's going to be a GREAT WEEK!

So Day 1 started out with going to the Library and then D.I. :O)
 The kids each picked 2 books to read this week during reading time (at least 25 minutes each day) Something I decided to do when I could tell tension was running high and they needed a short break from each other!
 SIDEWALK CHALK! :O) The kids played for at least 2 hours making our family, the grass, the sky, birds, clouds..a pet Lady bug that they could ALL play on (p.s. it was Haylees pet Lady Bug)
 I love more than anything to just sit and listen to them laugh and imagine and create. My kids are pretty cool... and FUNNY!

Brian & I "SO IN LOVE" is what they kept saying! And I do have to say I look good as a blonde!

We also started Rock Candy... to be determined in a week?

Perfect first day! Busy, crazy, and fun!

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